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Quality manufacturer of Organic, Inorganic & Fluorescent Pigments
MUSCLEROX® is a quality manufacturer of Organic, Inorganic & Fluorescent Pigments having their manufacturing facilities in India & China, brought to life by an enthusiastic team of Industry stalwarts with over 2 decades of industry experience.
Whether its green colour in plants, animal tissue, and haemoglobin in red blood or it's that bright shades of blue colour on your bedroom wall, all these have one thing in common which is "pigments". Pigments; a substance which gives something a particular colour, or a substance used to impart colour or material that changes the colour of reflected or transmitted light, or a powder which mixed with liquid to give paint, ink, etc.
Inorganic Pigments
Inorganic Pigments
Inorganic pigments that are made up of mineral compounds are usually metallic salts of oxides, sulphides of one or more metals precipitated from solutions. The dried, precipitated pigment might be in a form that can be used immediately, but often these raw pigmentary materials require further mechanical processing, heating or chemical treatment to render them more useful as pigments. Inorganic pigments have a much larger average particle size than organic pigments. These are used in Paints & Coatings, Construction, Plastics, Ceramics, leather & many other industries.
Daylight Fluorescent Pigments

Daylight Fluorescent Pigments
Daylight fluorescent pigments, however, are comprised of a solid state solution of fluorescent dyes in a friable polymeric resin. Once the dyes are incorporated into the resin, they are ground into a fine powder for use as a pigment or colorant. The industrial users are commonly ink makers, paint manufacturers, masterbatch manufacturers, and paper coaters, crayon manufacturers, to name a few. By use of these methods and materials, one is allowed to create products for markets such as crafts, toys, detergent boxes and bottles, traffic cones and safety equipment, among others.
Organic Pigments
Organic Pigments
Organic pigments are generally synthesized from aromatic hydrocarbons. These are compounds containing structures of carbon atoms with hydrogen atoms attached that are formed in closed rings. Organic pigments include AZO pigments, which contain a nitrogen group; they account for most of the organic red, orange, and yellow pigments. Copper Pthalocyanine provide brilliant, strong blues and greens that are unusually colourfast for organic colours. Organic pigments are mainly applied in the ink, paint, plastics and rubber.
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