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Who is The Musclerox Color Company?

The Musclerox Color Company is a privately held producer of inorganic pigments, specifically, Complex Inorganic Colored Pigments. These pigments, due to their extreme stability, are used in high performance coatings, plastics, glass enamels, and high heat coatings. We are headquartered in Cincinnati, OH with offices in Mumbai,Chennai & Delhi.

What is an inorganic pigment?

Typically, inorganic pigments are crystals of metal oxides. This structure is extremely stable, and sets it apart from organic pigments, which are generally composed of carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. Shepherd Color produces mixed metal oxides that include more than one type of metal atom along with the oxygen to make the pigment.

What is a mixed metal oxide (MMO)?

A mixed metal oxide is an inorganic pigment that contains more than one metal ion type in its oxide crystal structure. Iron oxides have only one metal, while Musclerox Color pigments have more than one.

What is a CICP?

CICP stands for Complex Inorganic Colored Pigment. This term is often used interchangeably with MMO, but CICP designates that the pigment is colored.

What type of dispersion equipment do ineed to use?

For paints and liquid systems, Musclerox Color pigments are usually added to a mill base which is mixed with a high-speed blade-type dispersor, and then passed through a media mill. The media mill is used to ensure full dispersion and color development. In plastics, Shepherd pigments are known for their ease of dispersion. They can be dispersed into plastics with kneaders, twin or single screws extruders, and even in rotational molding equipment, depending on the application and polymer. In ceramic glazes, slips and bodies they can be dispersed with high-speed mixersor ball-mills.

How Are Musclerox color pigments produced?

While details of our production are closely held secrets, some general statements can be made. Our pigments are produced by the high temperature calcination of high grade metal oxides in a kiln according to strict time and temperature profiles. The resulting mixed metal oxide is milled using a variety of high-energy techniques in order to reduce the particle size. The products receive a final QA check and are stored for shipping.

What kind of dispersion aids should i use?

A wide range of additives can be used to facilitate the dispersion, grinding, and processing of Musclerox Color pigments. The correct choice depends on the resin system, solvent, processing techniques, pigment loading, and the final dispersion requirements. Because of the sheer number of formulation variations, some trial and error is often required. For both plastics and coatings, a useful rule of thumb is to start with the additive that works best (in a particular system) for simple oxides, like iron oxide or chrome oxide.